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Urbanity Dance

280 Shawmut Avenue #1

Boston, MA 02118

phone: 617.572.3727

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Contact Information

Artistic Director, Betsi Graves

General Manager, Lyndsi Pace: lyndsi@urbanitydance.org

Community Relations Manager, Jerusha Aman: jerusha@urbanitydance.org

Marketing and Development Manager, Eleanor Regan: eleanor@urbanitydance.org

Apprentice Director, Kate Cook: apprentice@urbanitydance.org

Underground Director, Jennifer Fo: underground@urbanitydance.org

Production Intern: Alex Lorditch

Interns: Allison Balter, Caroline Fried, Jennifer Nova

Rehearsal Masters: Lisa Cole, Melenie Diarbekirian, Jamie Lovell, Kayla Skerry

Choreography Master: Chantal Doucett

Youth Company Director: Meghan Anderson

Booking (performances, choreography, classes, workshops): company@urbanitydance.org

School Inquiries: studio@urbanitydance.org

Donations, Volunteering: support@urbanitydance.org

Board of Director inquiries: ask@urbanitydance.org

Employment: ask@urbanitydance.org

Community Outreach, Annual College Scholarship: community@urbanitydance.org

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Urbanity Dance     |     280 Shawmut Ave, #1  Boston, MA 02118     |     617.572.3727     |     ask@urbanitydance.org  

Urbanity Dance exists to inspire, engage, and empower individuals and communities through the art of dance and movement.