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October 26-28 and November 1 and 3-4, 2012

Four Reservations Available Each Evening

7:00 | 7:20 | 7:40 | 8:00

Tickets $24. Book your online reservation here.

Approx Running Time: 95 minutes, no intermission

Note: Time includes walking time to transition to next location, for a total of six locations.

Where is the show?

SOWA Arts District, Boston’s South End

Journey begins and ends at The Red Fez:

1222 Washington St. Boston, MA 02118

What is a “dance journey”?

Within the Lines is a unique dance production, a "dance journey" taking place in six studios in Boston's South End. Audience members book their expedition, as dinner reservations, choosing from 1 of 4 times every night. Intimate groups of 20 audience members per show follow a cast of 45 dancers. The first gallery of the journey is at Adelson Galleries on Harrison Avenue and the last space is Urbanity's own studio at 280 Shawmut Avenue in the South End.

We’re re-envisioning the way dance can be experienced. Each spectator’s experience is unique as wayfarers make their way through six dance spaces in Boston’s SOWA district. Thirty dancers create a visual feat for the senses, with eye-popping technique and artistry. Fashion, sets, videography, sound & journalism collide in a visual feast for the senses.

What is the show all about?

Fall in love with Constance, the quirky heroine who attempts to bust through the isolated walls of her family portrait. Walk through her fantastical mind as she confronts fear and fantasy. Jaw-dropping dancers in six locations bring Constance's imagination to life- she experiences fear-stricken gnarly nymphs, mirror-stricken forest creatures, bouncing grandmas, ancient children, wallflowers and vulnerable ice queens. 

Is Constance the root of her troubles? Against her family’s wishes, Constance leaps into a path less traveled. By freeing herself from the human struggle of time and age, Constance uncovers a “time vacuum” which gives her space to find comfort in her own skin. Can she help her family unearth this freedom? Or will her departure cause ostracization from the wall of portraiture?

Check out the choreographer’s inspiration board.


Tickets: $24/person

Tickets may be purchased online here

Or by calling Urbanity Dance at  617.572.3727 during box office hours: Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 4pm.

Please note: due to the unique nature of the dance journey, only 20 tickets will be sold per show. We anticipate selling out & recommend buying tickets in advance.

Inclement Weather Policy:

In case of rain or snow, the show will continue as planned. The show takes place indoors, but there are outdoor walking transitions between some of the locations. Please bring “weather-appropriate” attire. There will be receptacles for umbrellas, coats, etc in each room of the journey.

Due to the popularity of the show, tickets may not be refunded or exchanged.

Is the show kid friendly?

Kids are welcome! We think that kids will really enjoy this show, but of course, it depends on the kid. Because there are six rooms, we encourage parents to take children out of a certain room if they are scared.



Meghan Anderson (10/26: 7:40p, 10/27: 7:00p, 11/3: 7:00p, 11/4: 7:00p)

Lisa Cole (10/28: 8:00p, 11/1: 8:00p, 11/4: 7:40p)

Melanie Diarbekirian (10/26: 7:00p, 10/27: 7:40p, 10/28: 7:20p, 11/1: 7:20p, 11/3: 7:40p)

Emily Mayer (10/26: 7:20p, 10/27: 7:20p, 10/28: 7:00p, 11/1: 7:00pm, 11/3: 7:20p, 11/4: 7:20p)

Kayla Skerry (10/26: 8:00p, 10/27: 8:00p, 10/28: 7:40p, 11/1: 7:40p, 11/3: 8:00p, 11/4: 8:00p)


Jamie Lovell (10/26: 7:00p & 7:40p, 10/27: 7:00p & 7:40p, 10/28: 7:20p & 8:00p, 11/1: 7:20p & 8:00p, 11/3: 7:00p & 7:40p, 11/4: 7:00p & 7:40p)

Emily Sulock (10/26: 7:20p & 8:00p, 10/27: 7:20p & 8:00p, 10/28: 7:00p & 7:40p, 11/1: 7:00p & 7:40p, 11/3: 7:20p & 8:00p, 11/4: 7:20p & 8:00p)


Dahne Ledford (10/26: 7:00p & 7:40p, 10/27: 7:00p & 7:40p, 10/28: 7:20p & 8:00p, 11/1: 7:20p & 8:00p, 11/3: 7:00p & 7:40p, 11/4: 7:00p & 7:40p)

Lara Park (10/26: 7:20p & 8:00p, 10/27: 7:20p & 8:00p, 10/28: 7:00p & 7:40p, 11/1: 7:00p & 7:40p, 11/3: 7:20p & 8:00p, 11/4: 7:20p & 8:00p)


Hattie Fisher (10/26: 7:00p & 7:40p, 10/27: 7:00p & 7:40p, 10/28: 7:20p & 8:00p, 11/1: 7:20p & 8:00p, 11/3: 7:00p & 7:40p, 11/4: 7:00p & 7:40p)

Chantal Doucett (10/26: 7:20p & 8:00p, 10/27: 7:20p & 8:00p, 10/28: 7:00p & 7:40p, 11/1: 7:00p & 7:40p, 11/3: 7:20p & 8:00p, 11/4: 7:20p & 8:00p)

The Quintessential Villain, the Outside.In Vanilicious:

Danielle Pastuszak

The Quintessential Villain’s Fears:

Christina Aguirre, Jerusha Aman, Marissa Hill, Madelyn Ho, Ayako Takahashi


Tanya Carpenter, Michelle Conti, Erica Ligeski, Meghan O’Hare, Ausjoli Minichiello

Pristinellas, the Inside.Out Snow Princesses:

Carrie Kerstein, Vanessa Driscoll, Claire McGregor, Genevieve Mudd


Brian Hernandez, Sindy Katrotic


Daniel Devoe


José Clasé, Theo Martinez, Darran Moore, Ryan Valente

GrandNanas (Junior Apprentices):

Rebecca Brill Weitz, Kendall Bush, Haylee Denham, Julia Lane, Dani Robbins, Taylor Robinson, Kayla Zuccaro

Ancient Souls (Youth Company):


Soloists: Delila Kervouri, Ethan Rey Knell

Ensemble: Ellie Curtis, Nonnie Curtis, Maeve Galligan, Takiyah Walker


Soloists: Finnuala Cradock, Ethan Rey Knell

Ensemble: Carla Benzie, Orly D’Ablemont Burnes, Andrea Naoum, Takiyah Walker

Time Troll Director:

Judith Kalaora

Time Trolls:

Kathryn DePaola, Casey Castine, Judith Kalaora, Angel Veza, Erin Wodell

Urbanity Dancers on leave of absence for Within the Lines:

Corey Baker, Kate Patten Cook, Carolyn Dumser, Amanda Gaudette, Kristen Himmelberger, Shayna Reed

Production Credits:

Choreography: Betsi Graves in collaboration with dancers

Lighting Design: Chris Fournier

Costume Design: Linda Elaz

Make-Up Design: Ashley Shakespeare

Set Design: Terri Trider and Jynnifer Stine of April May Creative Group

Sound Production: Robbie Hyde

Photography: Eli Akerstein

Videography: Charles Vuolo

Journalists: JD Ho & Kristen Rucki

Assistant Video Editor: Jon Shedler

Administrative Team:

Community Relations Manager: Jerusha Aman

Company Manager: Lyndsi Pace

Administrative Intern, Within the Lines: Alex Lorditch

Administrative Interns: Ally Arirachakaran, Christina Mallgren

Volunteers: Kate Cook, Linda Elaz, Jen Fo, Kristen Himmelberger, Sarah Scribner

Board of Directors:

Anmol Mehra, Molly Brown, Jessye Ball, Daniel Devoe, Risa Greendlinger, Gary Knell, John Lee









Special Thank You: